Monday, February 23, 2009

Blues Nursery

As soon as my husband found out were we having a boy he was determined that the nursery would be a Saint Louis Blues theme. No teddy bears or cute little animals for our son. Tim was determined it would be hockey from the beginning. Well of course this caused a stir among the other family members. Both of our parents thought it was silly to do a nursery in a hockey theme. They argued, "what if he doesn't even like hockey?." My husbands reply was always, "what if he doesn't like teddy bears?" or any of that other "baby" stuff parents choose as a nursery theme. So any way we were set out to find a way to tactfully do our Blues themed nursery. After looking at different sports stores we determined that it would have been alot easier if we would have been Cardinal fans. We finally decided to just stick with the Blues color scheme and maybe we would be able to find a few Blues items to put in the room along the way. So then we decided we had to paint the walls blue and yellow. Here is the end result, which I am very pleased with:

It took my husband a very long time to paint these stripes. It was even more dfficult due to our textured walls. But I think it turned out great. And our family said it they even liked it. Now we just need some hockey decor to hang on the walls.

To ankes and beyond!

Anyone who has kids has those moments when your kid either sings the words to a song wrong or pronounces a word wrong and the results is something very funny.
Yesterday on the way to church Marissa was in the car counting. This is something she has been doing since she started Kindergarden. First she had to learn to count to 100. After she mastered that she realized she could easily figure out how to keep going to 200, 300 etc. It can actually be really annoying unless you can learn to ignore it because she never stops. Well we were almost to church when I realized she was at 190 or something. Thankfully my husband and I had managed to have our own conversation while she was busy counting. We all started talking about really big numbers, like a million and a trillion and a billion, etc. Marissa said, "mommy, I know what the biggest number in the world is."
me: "what's that?"
Marissa: "ankes!"
hmmm, I was quiet for a moment while I tried to figure out what in the world ankes was.
me: "oh!!!! You mean INFINITY!"
Marissa: "yeah! Thats it!"
by then we were laughing so hard that I could barely talk.
I explained to her that infinity wasn't really a number (or is it?) it just meant never ending. And the only thing I could think of to describe this to her was Heaven.
I am going to try to blog about all these funny mispronunciations so I can remember them myself. It's an easy way to lift your mood. Now that I will have another little one, I'm sure when he starts talking I will have many more to document.