Thursday, November 27, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Tuesday is the day! December 2nd Tim and I find out the sex of our baby. I am very excited. I am not a patient person and it is so hard for me to wait for this. Plus, I would like to get started on the nursery, which will either be a Blues theme (Tim's choice) or something that Marissa and I pick out if it is a girl. What makes it even worse is that I will be 20 weeks by then. You really only have to be 16 weeks (although that is a little soon if you really want to be accurate). There is another agent that works with us and she is due 3 days before me and she has already found out. So, now I only have to be patient for 4 more days!
Stay tuned. I will post as soon as I have my ultra sound.
I also never realized how many people don't find out the sex till the baby is born. I don't know how they do that! One of my best friends is pregnant with her 3rd. They found out with the first 2 but they are going to wait till the delivery for this one. I also realize that people my parents age didn't really have the option back then. So I guess waiting 20 weeks isn't so bad. After all it's alot less than waiting 40 weeks....
Well Marissa is rooting for a girl (of course). My husband would like a boy since we already have a girl and I would like a girl since I always wished I had a sister. Of course we don't really care either way as long as it's healthy but it is fun to discuss. I know all of my in laws want a boy because there are already 3 girl babies (Marissa and my 2 neices) on that side. So all the discussions will be over by Tuesday.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Top 10 things I am Thankful For

I am aware that this is kind of corny but I have alot to be grateful for. Plus, writing it out makes you more aware of your blessings. The following are the top 10 (not really in order):

1) God

2) Marissa

3) My husband and are wonderful marriage.

4) the baby growing inside me

5) my church family and bible study group

6)my neices and nephew

7) my parents and the rest of my family and Tim's family

8) our house

9) our health

10) our jobs

A few other things I'm thankful for: Family vacations, the beach, a day off with my family, Holidays, float trips, camping (in the summer), my friends, and cold beer on a summer day.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have as much on your list as I do.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The October Camping Trip

I have been wanting to blog on this topic since the trip but haven't had the chance. Let me start by saying that camping is meant to be done in warm weather. I did have a great time thanks to good company but I will definitely not be going camping at the end of October again UNLESS I own a trailer with heat!

Tim and I are in a wonderful bible study group (later blog). Our group usually meets once a month on a Friday. One of the couples in our group loves to camp (Ted and Kristi). We went camping with them on our July trip which I posted about previously. Anyway they had reservations to camp at Babler the 24th & 25th of October. They invited the bible study crew. The plans were to carve pumpkins, eat chili and make smores by the fire. Since Babler is only 30 minutes away those who didn't want to camp could just drive home after the bonfire. Our friends who were hosting the outing own a travel trailer. Somehow they convinced us and another couple to stay overnight in a tent. I am absolutely ok with camping and outdoors but I HATE cold weather. I think any temperature below 70 is cold. So anyway. We were the only ones with a tent so the other family, The Muellers(Gregg, Dianne, Rachel and Rebecca), were going to stay in the tent with us. Gregg wasn't so happy about the camping thing and would probably end up driving home after the bonfire.
So anyway the Friday of the planned camping trip I was getting everything ready and decided to call Kristi who was hosting the campout. She informed me the the youngest Mueller kid had the flu and so the family would not be going (Marissa was very sad about this). Great, now we were the only fools staying in the tent. After my husband got home from work and packed the car (that's when the mini van statement occured:) we set out for our cold camping trip. The evening was great. Another guy from our bible study group showed up with his daughter and her friend. We carved our pumpkins, ate chilli, made smores, and chatted around the bonfire. But as you know the later it gets the colder it gets. By the time we were ready for bed it was about 48 degrees. And since we were sleeping outside it wasn't going to get any better. We had an air mattress with a blanket on it to sleep on. We each had on 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts and 2 pairs of socks. We had a sleeping bag and two blankets on top of the sleeping bag. IT WAS STILL COLD. You are not meant to sleep outside when it is below 65 degrees unless you are crazy. Anyway, my daughter fell asleep watching a movie on the portable DVD player. That girl is so easy she can sleep anywhere. She was not complaining at all (unlike her mom). So I snuggled in next to her and it really wasn't so bad. I convinced myself that I could sleep for a few hours and by the time it was morning I would barge into my friend's trailer and warm up. Or take a walk to the heated bathroom/shower house. Except for one thing.... The was a VERY loud man at the campsite next to ours. It seemed as if he was having a one sided conversation. Sure he was talking to someone but the other person couldn't get a word in. The later it got the louder he got. So now I just had to wait for him to fall asleep and then I could finally get some peace and quiet. Around midnight the drunk man finally piped down and went into his pop up. Great! I could sleep finally. I dozed off for about an hour when I was suddenly wakened by a loud roar!!! Holy cow! A bear? a train driving right by my tent? No, it was neither of these. This load roar that wouldn't cease was the LOUDEST snoring I had EVER heard in my life. and it was buzzing right in my ear. I turned over to kick my husband when I realized it wasn't him. I should have known better because he never snores. The snoring was the loud drunk man in the pop up behind us!!!!! I decided to wake my husband anyway. I wasn't going to suffer this alone.
"honey, are you awake?" (me)
"I am now"
"Do you hear that?"
"How could I not?"
"I can't sleep"
"me neither, now"
"ok, take me home"
"no, go to bed"
So I lay there trying to drown out the snoring. I put two pillows over my head and could still hear it. I shut my ears with my fingers and could still hear it (my husband can't fall back asleep now but Marissa is sound asleep.) Finally around 2am. I loudly announce I am going to sleep in my car because of the loud snoring (I tried yelling this in hopes of waking him but it didn't work). Once in my car with door shut I turned the car on to see what the temp is. 42 degrees!!!!! I shut off the car and curled into a ball and finally fell asleep till about 5am. I couldn't lay straight because my car is too small. Then I dozed for a while and finally left the car about 7am. The snoring had finally ceased. I took my little one to the bathroom and when I came back our friends where finally awake. Kristi asked me if Tim usually snored that loud. The snoring was so loud they had heard it in their pop up with the door closed and the thought it was Tim (poor Timmy). I explained to her that it was not my husband and pointed out the pop up right behind our tent. She laughed. I didn't.
Anyway they made us a great breakfast and we took a long hike after that. They weather warmed and we ended up having a great time. We grilled for lunch and then made smores again. We all headed out around 3pm. We were going to stop somewhere on our way home and the other couple was going to head back and stay another night in their nice heated camper. Our family was heading home. There was no way I would sleep there another night.
It ended up being a wonderful experience (except for the snoring man) but I made it clear to my friends that I will only be camping between May and September!
another note, most people who know me know that I exaggerate ALOT when I am telling a story. Whenever I tell this story Tim makes it clear to everyone that for once I am not exaggerating about how loud this man's snoring was!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Free Time

Now that the Music Man is over I will have tons of free time on my hands. I wish I had written a blog about the Musica Man but I never got around to it. Anyone who went knew it was a fantastic show. I only had a small part but the last month is VERY time consuming. I'm not complaining though, I love it!. My tech week schedule looked like this:
Sunday: 9:15-10:20- help Sunday school in the 3 year old room
10:45-12:15- church service
12:15-1:00 eat lunch
1:00-5:00 practice at church for Music Man, run show
5:00-6:00 dinner break
6:00-9:00 practice at church, run show again

Monday: 11:00am-4:30 work (did laundry and packed everything for the day in the am)
4:30-5:30 eat at my moms with Marissa
6:00-10:00- Music Man run show

Tuesday: 8:30-2:30 work
3:00-5:30 eat, bathe Marissa, get ready for practice
6:00-10:00 Music Man, run show

Wednesday was the same schedule as Tuesday except it was a dress rehearsal.

Thursday & Friday were the same shedule as Tuesday and Wednesday but we preformed the show instead of having a rehearsal. My husband was not able to help with anything around the house either because he was helping the set crew and had to be at all the same practices. Marissa either went with us or went to my moms house. Saturday Tim's mom took her while we did the Saturday night show. Sunday we went to church and then there was a show at 2:30, then a cast party and then we helped clean up. We got home around 8pm and Music Man was finally over. As you can see I barely had time to eat and sleep last week. Now I will have tons of free time. We will be back to watching the Blues atleast 3 nights a week and we also need to get our house ready for the baby, which consists of cleaning out extra bedroom (not extra anymore:) and cleaning up the basement. Then in January I plan on starting my VBS work. Tonight I am going to try to relax (hard for me to do). I will also have more time with friends and I am going to try to blog more. I need more blog topics. Any suggestions?