Friday, January 30, 2009

Dolphin Picture

Here is a better copy of my previous dolphin picutre.

This was right off the coast and not too far from where we walk out in the ocean.

I was very excited when I took this picture because while I was trying to take the shot Tim told me to give up, there was no way I could actually get the dolphin in the picture with as slow as our camera is. but I did and here is my best shot.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Marissa's Blonde Moment #2

I was getting ready for work today when, "Mommy, could you please come in my room? I need you!"
So I stopped ironing my clothes and went in her room. She is sitting on her bed with her VTech, which is a hand held v smile. she says, "I keep turning up the volume but I can't hear anything at all. It's broken."
Great. Her favorite Christmas toy is broken. So I grab the head phones that are attached to the VTech and put them in my head.
"Marissa the sound is working just fine"
"oh, I forgot you had to put the headphones on"
She had been turning the volume up and no sound was coming out because she didn't have the head phones on her ears.
I just looked at her funny and we both laughed.
Seriously, my child is smart, but her blonde moments are reminding me of myself.

Monday, January 12, 2009

But I'm not Ready for This!

If you read any of my earlier posts you know how hard it was for me to let my baby go to Kindergarten. I just wasn't ready when the time came. I could no longer hold on to the toddler years at that point. When your kid goes to Kindergarten they are no longer a toddler but a regular school aged kid! That was part of what made me want another kid. The other reason it was hard was because for 5 years I had been working part time and hanging out with her the rest of the time. Now I had no excuse not to work because she would be in school all day. Well there are some things I can't control and her going to Kindergarten was one of them.

Today I was sitting at work waiting for my husband to pick Marissa up from girl scouts. As soon as he picked her up he called me so she could share some news with me. "Guess what, Mommy! I have a loose tooth!" Well being pregnant and really emotional, tears instantly formed in my eyes. Of course I didn't let her know this. What kind of crazy mom would cry over a loose tooth? me, of course. It was just another reminder of how my child is growing up so quickly. Just like I couldn't control her going to Kindergarten I can't control her loose tooth either. So now my baby is going to be a toothless Kindergartner.

What's next?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Vacation

I haven't blogged much lately due to being gone for a week after Christmas. My family had a great Christmas which consisted of visiting lots of family and Marissa opening lots of presents and of course, celebrating the birth of our Savior.

The Saturday after Christmas we left for a family vacation. In the last four years all of our vacations have been company promotions. While I am truly grateful for the opportunity, company events mean that I either have to leave my daughter with her grandparents or take one of them with us so Tim and I can go to dinners and misc. functions. This trip was our first totally non-Farmers related trip. 7 days of just the 4 of us. We left Saturday morning and arrived in Atlanta in the evening. This was the first time we didn't drive straight through but my doctor advised me to stop often since I am pregnant so we stopped halfway. The next day we left early to head to Venice, Fl which is where we were staying since Tim's Grandpa lives there. The drive should have taken about 9 hours but we hit really bad traffic and didn't arrive to Grandpa's house till after it was too late to get a glimpse of the beach. So we went to bed eager to wake up and set out for my favorite beach, Siesta Key which is about 20 miles from Granpa's house. Grandpa only lives about 2 miles away from Venice beach but Siesta Key is my favorite and worth the 20 minute drive. Monday-Thursday we spent four days doing nothing but walking the beach, swimming in the ocean (yes, in December) and site seeing Florida. We also got a chance to see Grandpa and go to dinner with him. Overall the trip was great. Probably the best vacation I have ever had. It is so hard to come back to cold St. Louis (which apparently wasn't that cold while we were gone).

Here are a few of my favorite pics. I took mostly pics of the beach because I don't really like my overall appearance at this stage in my pregnancy:) Of course I took lots of Marissa pics too.

Siesta Key Beach and a sailboat out in the ocean. I really like this pic and I am thinking about inlarging it and hanging it in my family room.

my 2 favorite people. This is at the end of Siesta Key beach where you can look out and see Long Boat Key.

A picture of Long Boat Key from Siesta Key.

Long Boat Key Beach

See the Dolphin in the distance. This is actually not very far off the shore. I am going to try to zoom in and edit the photo.