Friday, April 24, 2009

The enthgrader

The other night my family was hanging out in the family room when Marissa announced that she knew where the enth grader was. Tim said, "the 8th grader? what are you talking about?"
"no Daddy, the enthgrader, you know on a map?"
Oh! The equator...............
Its so cute when she says things like this but she hasn't been mispronouncing it since we corrected her. When we laughed she thought we were making fun of her but Tim explained that we just think she's too cute!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Shower for Baby Kempf

Anyone who reads my blogs knows that my husband and I are Saint Louis Blues fans. I also wrote a blog about our son's Blues themed nursery. Well my friend, Alexis, wanted to throw me a baby shower and called to ask me what our nursery "theme" was so she could plan the shower to match the nursery. I told her we tried to use a Blues theme but to do whatever she wanted because I didn't want her to have to go through too much trouble. She decided to stick to the Blues theme anyway even though after she starting the planning she realized it would have been much easier if we had been Cardinals or Rams fans (they don't sell alot of Blues items in the stores). I told Tim he had to come and atleast see everything after she had it decorated. Of course he couldn't stay long because he was going to a Blues game that evening!

My friend and her husband made the diaper cake. It took 215 diapers! It is sitting in our nursery because we don't want to undo it yet.

Marissa with her "big sister" shirt on.

mommy and Marissa with the cake

Party favor cookies

She even had blue and yellow balloons, plates and napkins.

My favorite, the Blues piggy bank. There is also a really cool picture frame that says "future Blues fan" but I need to get a better pic of it.

Awesom cake!

Special thanks to Alexis for the shower and thank you to everyone that came! Hopefully we will get to meet the little guy soon. My due date is next Friday! Also, special thanks to my ever patient husband for being so loving and understanding the last 8 months:)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Marissa!

My little girl is 6 today. She has been my baby for six years and yes, I still call her the baby. I have been told that she will not be my baby any more when my son arrives but I just tell everyone that I will have two babies. Your kids are always your babies no matter how old they are. They just get to a certain age where you can't say that in front of them.
This morning I tried to remember exactly what I was doing at this time 6 years ago. Well, obviously I was having a baby but what where our thoughts and actions at 8am? I had Marissa at 1am (an hour past April Fools Day). I was probably asleep at 8am. If not I was looking at my new daughter wondering what in the world had we gotten ourselves into! Just kidding.... (kinda)
Anyway, Happy Birthday to My Marissa! You are a wonderful child and bring way to much joy to my heart and your fathers. We love you!

Marissa's first Halloween. My mother bought this lovely costume.

Fall of 2003

I think this was late August of 2003

The little monster now