Sunday, March 29, 2009

The tooth fairy visits the Kempf House

If you read any of my earlier blogs you might remember that Marissa had her 1st loose tooth. Well Friday afternoon Tim left the office to pick Marissa up from school and once again they called me on the way back. Marissa wanted to tell me she finally lost her loose tooth. When they got back to the office she showed me her tooth in the treasure box her teacher gave her then she showed me the spot where it had been. She also mentioned that some of the kids in her class got $5 or even $10 for their first tooth!!! I told her that the tooth fairy in our area usually leaves pennies but she just rolled her eyes at me.

Most of the time I try to stick to my own parenting principles but this time Tim and I gave into the parenting peer pressure. The tooth fairy left Marissa $5! Since my baby shower was the next day Marissa managed to collect another $9 from Grandparents and other realitives when she showed them her missing tooth. All together she got $14 for her 1st lost tooth. I made sure that she understood that was only going to happen with the 1st tooth.

Wow, a $14 tooth. I think my 1st tooth was worth about $1.

Friday, March 13, 2009

To Gregg and Tim:

I have been as nice as I can about the whole Nintendo thing even though I don't understand the obsession. As Gregg mentioned in his blog I even initiated you guys playing online together. But as I mentioned to Dianne (whose side is she on anyway?) the Mario Kart Madness is starting to effect my TV time and my time with my husband. I don't even watch TV that much. In fact, the only show I really want to watch is American Idol and maybe Greta or Bill O'Reilly and of course Blues hockey but that we agree on. Since American Idol is usually on during the Blues game Tuesday I have even given up watching that. Mainly because I can completely understand the Blues obsession (sorry Gregg. I guess that says something about my character, too). But little did I know when I called Gregg to race Tim online what this would lead to. Tim has even gone as far as suggesting other things to occupy me. The other night he said, "why don't you go take a bath, honey?". He was trying to act like a nice husband who wanted his wife to relax but I read right through it. He was really trying to buy more nintendo time! Then there was the night that he said "Just one more game babe and then we can watch a movie together." Well one more game turned into 10 more games and he didn't even realize I had given up and just gone to bed (or he realized it and was secretly pleased). What makes it even worst is that Marissa is into the whole Mario Kart thing. So now its 2 against 1 in our house. On weekends she can stay up as late as she wants and join in on the whole madness.
As Tim mentioned, there is a solution to the whole disagreement and that would be to move the Wii downstairs. Of course that only solves one part of the problem which is me being able to watch TV in my living room. It doesn't solve the problem of me not getting to spend time with my husband. I can get over that though. After all, we do work together all day.
And for the record, I didn't even buy that darn game. My cousin let him borrow it, along with both remotes. So if I really wanted to solve the problem I could just pack it up and send it back to her. But I am way to nice to do that, right?