Thursday, July 31, 2008

Marissa's first camping trip

We took Marissa on her first camping trip over the weekend. We have taken her floating (1 day trip) before but never camping for a whole weekend, in a tent. We went with Katie and Mike Anderson and their two girls, Mollie and Maria; our friends from church, Kristi and Ted; and Katie and Mike's friends, Jodi and Bill and their kids. Everyone but us had travel trailers so we were the only ones tent camping. We arrived at Bennett Springs Friday evening around 9pm, so we had to set up our tent in the dark. We did not book reservations with Ted and Kristi so we had no idea where their site was. We had decided to put the tent on Katie and Mikes site so that Marissa could be close to the kids. Katie and Mike had called an hour before so we knew they were not there yet. We found the site and immediately spotted Ted's and Kristi's truck. Yippee!! They were right across the street! It worked out perfect.
Ted helped us set up our tent in the dark (thankfully they were there or it would have taken all night). Katie and Mike arrived around 10pm right after their friends.
I wanted Marissa to sleep in the tent to experience the full effects of camping but she fell asleep in the trailer with Mollie. Being the wonderful mom that I am (ha) I knew better than to move her out of the cold air conditioning so she slept in a trailer the 1st night.
Well the next day we floated with Ted and Kristi while the rest of the crew stayed back and fished and swam in the pool. The river was too crowded but we had a great time anyway.
After we got back and had dinner Mollie and Marissa went into the trailer to watch a movie. Of course Marissa fell asleep again. I was determined for her to sleep in the tent atleast once so I carried her over to the tent and she slept in there. Atleast I could say she really went camping! We left Sunday morning around 10am. We had so much fun we already have another trip planned for September. Hopefully we'll arrive before dark this time so we can set up the tent in daylight!

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