Monday, January 12, 2009

But I'm not Ready for This!

If you read any of my earlier posts you know how hard it was for me to let my baby go to Kindergarten. I just wasn't ready when the time came. I could no longer hold on to the toddler years at that point. When your kid goes to Kindergarten they are no longer a toddler but a regular school aged kid! That was part of what made me want another kid. The other reason it was hard was because for 5 years I had been working part time and hanging out with her the rest of the time. Now I had no excuse not to work because she would be in school all day. Well there are some things I can't control and her going to Kindergarten was one of them.

Today I was sitting at work waiting for my husband to pick Marissa up from girl scouts. As soon as he picked her up he called me so she could share some news with me. "Guess what, Mommy! I have a loose tooth!" Well being pregnant and really emotional, tears instantly formed in my eyes. Of course I didn't let her know this. What kind of crazy mom would cry over a loose tooth? me, of course. It was just another reminder of how my child is growing up so quickly. Just like I couldn't control her going to Kindergarten I can't control her loose tooth either. So now my baby is going to be a toothless Kindergartner.

What's next?


Gregg said...

I have a lot of those "what's next" answers for you!

However, I don't think you are ready for the truth, yet. It gets scary!

Sarah Kempf said...

Gregg, You could warn me of these things instead of letting me experience them on my own. We parents need to stick together you know?

Scott Wheeler said...

Well, you'll have another little one to take care of, before he goes to kindergarten!

Gregg said...

OK, here's your a "what's next." Perhaps you remember this...perhaps you are experiencing it now (pregnancy and all).

Scientists like to call it "hormones." Be warned. You have 6-7 years. It's not too early to prepare.