Tuesday, July 21, 2009

weekend at the lake

We recently went to the Ozarks for the weekend with some of our good friends. There were three families and a total of 6 kids: Mason (2 months), Ayla and Chloe (3 years old), Gavin (4), and Marissa and Loralie (6). So we had 6 kids ages 6 and under. The men got ahold of a fishing boat for the weekend although I don't think they caught many fish. Mr. Mason decided he wasn't going to nap on Saturday so I didn't much chance to get in the lake.
It was still a great time and I got some good pics of the kiddos.

Miss Ayla enjoying a popsicle

Marissa and her best friend, Loralie. They have known each other since birth. Marissa is only a month older than Loralie even though she stands atleast a head taller.

The girls partying on the deck

Mason is already a party animal:)

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