Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday. For anyone who may read my blog, that is probably not very old. For me, it is the oldest I have ever been (hahahha). Seriously while I don't consider 27 to be old it does mean that I am coming upon that dreaded number of when I totally lose any hope of being considered youthful. I think the number is 30.
Anyway I am not posting to sob about my old age, really, I'm not. But to say how grateful I am to be where I am at my age. No, not materialistically. I have a great husband. He supports everything I do, even when he knows I am pushing myself over the limits. He has never ending patience for me and Marissa. Sometimes I think God took all the patience in my family and gave them to Tim and left me without! I have a healthy, happy daughter who brings so much joy to many people. I have another child on the way. I have 2 great nieces and a great nephew and a great step niece. My parents are still in great health. Most importantly I have a strong faith in God.
This is more than I could ever ask for on my birthday. So Happy Birthday to Me!

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Gregg said...

Happy young pup. You're holding up pretty good for your rapidly advancing age.