Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Can't Believe I Said That!!!

Last Friday night my family was getting ready to go camping (that will come in a later blog). I have a very small family (for now). There are just 3 of us. My husband packed the cooler and loaded the car. After I got in I turned around and realized that the seat next to my daughter was full of blankets and bags. The trunk was full with the cooler, more blankets and more bags. I realized with the new baby on the why the little one would have no where to sit! Knowing I would totally regret it I turned to my husband and said those horrifying words, "Honey, I think we really do need a mini van." I CAN"T BELIEVE I SAID THAT! I think I aged 10 years instantly in that very moment.
Seriously the whole mini van thing is really a joke BUT I am already regretting the words. I prefer to just rent a mini van when we take long family trips. My husband is an Insurance Agent and gets a 50% discount. I started looking at mini vans and the gas mileage stinks. We both drive cars that get over 30 mpg. I don't like wasting money on gas when I could drive the same distance for less money. 2nd, I have a hard enough time driving my little car. I have never had an accident with a moving vehicle but I have bad judgement on the amount of room I have between non moving objects when driving in reverse. Most recently (about 6 months ago) I hit my Grandparents mail box. This mailbox is positioned to where it would be almost impossible to hit. Somehow I managed. 3rd, it really would make me feel like an old lady driving a mini van around taking my 2 kids to miscellaneous activities
So if anyone has any suggestions on a fuel efficient vehicle that is roomy but not too large and won't make me look like a soccer mom, I am totally up for the advice.


Gregg said...

A 1960's VW micro-bus

MHaner said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahhahahhahahlolololololololololololohahahahahhahehhehehehehehehehhe

Told you so....
Um yeah mini vans are not cheap...
Rav 4, toyota highlander...join the highlander club.

hahahahah I am still laughing and laughing that you had the guts to admit this.

Scott Wheeler said...

Hey Sarah! I didn't know you had a blog. I found it though the St Louis Boggers Guild website. I recently started one at:

Keep up the good work,

Scott Wheeler