Friday, April 24, 2009

The enthgrader

The other night my family was hanging out in the family room when Marissa announced that she knew where the enth grader was. Tim said, "the 8th grader? what are you talking about?"
"no Daddy, the enthgrader, you know on a map?"
Oh! The equator...............
Its so cute when she says things like this but she hasn't been mispronouncing it since we corrected her. When we laughed she thought we were making fun of her but Tim explained that we just think she's too cute!


Gregg said...

We didn't correct how Rachel said things until she started learning to read and spell...because it was so cute! The funny thing is that since she is pretty good at sounding words out, she started spelling things how she incorrectly pronounces them!

MHaner said...

That makes me smile! :)