Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Marissa!

My little girl is 6 today. She has been my baby for six years and yes, I still call her the baby. I have been told that she will not be my baby any more when my son arrives but I just tell everyone that I will have two babies. Your kids are always your babies no matter how old they are. They just get to a certain age where you can't say that in front of them.
This morning I tried to remember exactly what I was doing at this time 6 years ago. Well, obviously I was having a baby but what where our thoughts and actions at 8am? I had Marissa at 1am (an hour past April Fools Day). I was probably asleep at 8am. If not I was looking at my new daughter wondering what in the world had we gotten ourselves into! Just kidding.... (kinda)
Anyway, Happy Birthday to My Marissa! You are a wonderful child and bring way to much joy to my heart and your fathers. We love you!

Marissa's first Halloween. My mother bought this lovely costume.

Fall of 2003

I think this was late August of 2003

The little monster now


MHaner said...

Awww I love looking at the old photos. Happy Birthday Marissa!

Scott Wheeler said...

Happy Birthday, Marissa!

Gregg said...

"They just get to a certain age where you can't say that in front of them."

Are you kidding me? You'll have years of being able to tell them "YOU ARE ACTING LIKE A BABY!"

Actually, I guess I use the phrase "YOU ARE ACTING LIKE A 2 YEAR OLD" a little more. So, nevermind. I was up late last night.