Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beaches I have been to in the past 3 years

Siesta Key, FL
July 2008

Hollywood, FL
July 2006

Ponte Verda Beach, FL
June 2007

Daytona Beach, Florida
July 2008

Cancun, Mexico
January 2008

I would have to say my favorite beach is Siesta Key, then Hollywood. My favorite water is Cancun. The only reason Cancun is not my favorite beach is because there was no sand to lay on. Only about a 6 foot stretch of sand. This pic shows how close the water was too our resort wall:

But the ocean water was warm and crystal clear.

I love these pics because the beach is my favorite place to go no matter what beach I go to. I hope to be able to go to the beach every year.

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MHaner said...

Oh man I wanna go to a beach soooo badly. That water in cancun looks amazing. I am so jealous. We are gonna try to go to a beach next year!