Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm famous

My friend Gregg has a blog that he keeps up with regularly. He is a very funny guy which you can tell from reading his blog. He has a lot of blog traffic and I recently joked with him that I would like to appear on his blog so that I could be famous. Amazingly enough, someone actually listened to me! I made it to his blog. Truly, I feel privileged. There is a link to his blog on my page. Check it out.
or click on the link below:


Gregg said...

Actually, all you need to type is "" I need it simple so as to not confuse myself.

I'm glad to help you in your quest for fame. Perhaps I can become famous by making others famous!

Actually, I wrote about how blogging could make me famous, once. Maybe I should add this method, too.

MHaner said...

That is funny, and I like the photo. You might be a little bit of a dork though. hee hee!