Saturday, August 23, 2008

A day at the Garden

I was off work last Wednesday before Marissa's first day of school. I wanted to do something fun with her so I decided to take her to the Missouri Botanical Garden. One of my friends works there so we can get in for free and I also get some adult company while Marissa is playing in the kids area. I love to go to the Garden but I don't get to see alot of it because I end up hanging out in the kids area most of the time. Right now they have sculptures by an artist named Niki De Saint Phalle. I really like her artwork and it will only be there till October so I am trying to see it while it is in St. Louis. My friend that works at the Garden told me that Niki made a lot of the pieces to be used with water but no one had ever hooked it up with water until it came to the Garden.

Here is one of the sculptures with the water feature:

This picture was actually taken at a different trip over the summer.

Marissa and I in front of another sculpture.

Marissa in the Climatron. Marissa is wearing her swimsuit because there is a play area with water in the children's park and when she finished playing she still wanted to wear her swimsuit.

Marissa and mommy.

Lilly Garden

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MHaner said...

We gotta get to the garden soon. It looks like a lot of fun and I really want to see that art work. She has a piece at the sculpture park in sunset hills and it is one of my fav pieces to use for kids portrait photography, which is something I want to do (take marissa's photos there!)