Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good News!

Timmy and I are happy to announce we are expecting our 2nd child! I am due toward the end of April. We found out about a month ago and we wanted to wait till I went to the doctor to share the news. Well of course I couldn't wait to tell my mom so I called her right away. Then we slowly told the rest of the family members within the next few weeks. Last Tuesday I went to the doc and found out my estimated due date (April 22nd) and how far I probably am so then we decided it was ok to tell everyone. Well last week Tim told one of our friends from church and his 12 year old daughter. Then one of Marissa's friends announced it to her Sunday school teacher this morning so the word is pretty much out! We are very excited. We knew we wanted another child but didn't want our children to be close together at all. I have had 5 great years with Marissa as my only child but now it is time for her to experience a sibling. Back in July Tim told me he wanted to try for our second. Within 2 weeks I was pregnant!
We are very happy and anxiously await our new family member. Marissa is already picking out names (Miley, Mira, and many other disney characters appear on her list of names).
We will find out what sex the baby is sometime in November.
Thank you God for this wonderful blessing!


Gregg said...

This is great! Congrats to both of you!

Also, you should go to my Flickr account and check my one favorite picture I have there. It is a fantastic picture of the progression of pregnancy. I wish I had thought of this idea with one of ours.

You guys should do it, instead!

Sarah Kempf said...

The kid who told her Sunday school teacher yesterday happens to be Rachel! and the teacher was Karen Dickey.
I will check out the Flickr account.

MHaner said...

I am so happy and excited. It is about time! I can't wait to find out what you guys will have. You have such a great family. Marissa is such a good kid and I know she will be an awesome sister.