Monday, September 8, 2008

Reliant Community BBQ

Saturday we had a free afternoon so we decided to head to Reliant Church for their community BBQ. Reliant Church is located in the Central West End at Pendleton & Olive. Obviously this is no where near the community where I live but Reliant is a church that was formed by one of the Pastors at Christ Memorial and a few other young adult members so I wanted to go and check it out. Before Reliant held there Sunday morning service there the church was known as Saint Stephen's Lutheran and they were down to only about 10 members. I think there are currently about 80 people that attend the service on Sundays now. The church is a beautiful building that could use a little restoring but still has great wood work and stain glass windows. Here are some pics my husband took for me:

Check out their website for more info:

Marissa had a great time too. My aunt came with her grandson and her great nephew. One of Marissa's friends from church came too. They did face painting, games, ate BBQ, and played on the playground. There were quite a few members from Christ Memorial there to help so we had good adult company too.

Here is a pic of Marissa with her face painted:

It turned out to be a great time and a success for the community out reach. Some people from the neighborhood came and said they were going to check out the Sunday morning service.

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