Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Goodbye Summertime

Yesterday's cool weather made me realize summer is pretty much gone. Alot of people look forward to fall but I will really miss the hot summer weather. I was a little sad that summer is over so my husband reminded me of all the things we got to do over the summer. Here are a few of our summertime highlights:

1) Our trip to Daytona and Siesta Key in which we got to visit Grandpa and eat at Sharky's twice. and dance in the rain at Sharky's.

2) Our camping trip in July to Bennett Springs with the Anderson's and Eberley's.

3) Four trips to Goose Creek which means relaxing and swimming in the lake with friends

4) VBS

5) my nephew visiting St. Louis for a week. He lives and Chicago and his parents let him stay with Grandma and Grandpa for a week over the summer.

6) our final trips to great Grandma's on Fridays. This was a tradition my cousin Stacey started about 3 years ago. Whenever she was in town from Chicago she would call me to meet her at Grandma's Friday. I started going there every Friday even when she wasn't in town. We met for lunch for 3 years and it finally ended when Marissa started Kindergarten.

7) many BBQ's

8) Marissa's first sleepover

I will miss all of the fun things you can do when the weather is hot but now I can look forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas and the fall Musical.

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Gregg said...

Look at all the cool stuff you got to do! You must have a really great husband. He probably deserves a Mario Kart Wii game...just because. Hint. Hint.