Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Picture

Here is the picture I took for our Christmas pic this year. It is just Marissa. We haven't done a family one the past two years but probably will with the new baby next year. Marissa is all dressed up and ready to go to her school concert, which was last Friday. I just ordered these pics on Sunday and I am hoping they will come in before Christmas so I can put them in our cards. Obviously I will not be mailing these cards due to time. I just stick the picture in the card and hand them out to family on Christmas day. I will hand them out to church friends Sunday if they are here on time.
This is the one we printed for the family to put in our cards.

Here is one of Marissa posing. She always wants to do really weird poses and I keep telling her to just stand "normal"

Another Marissa pose.

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MHaner said...

cute, did the curls actually stay in her hair?