Monday, December 22, 2008

Marissa's blonde moment

Marissa would be very upset with me for posting this but since she can't read much yet she'll never know:) Saturday morning Tim and I cleaned the house and threw away some of our junk. I got done mopping the floors and cleaning the bathroom late afternoon and had to get dressed for our date to the Blues game. Marissa was going to Grandma Patty's for the evening. Marissa was all dressed and waiting for me to finish getting ready when I heard her call out from the bathroom, "uh oh Mommy, Come help!" Geez the kid is 5 years old. She shouldn't need help going to the bathroom. I was praying she wasn't sick. I ran into the bathroom to find her standing in a puddle of pee with pee all over her pants, underwear and snow boots she had just put on. She had run upstairs from the basement to go pee and sat on the toilet without looking and peed with the LID CLOSED! Yes, she peed with the lid completely closed, which caused the pee to overflow onto the floor and her pants and underwear. I stood in the doorway laughing and called Tim in to come see the mess. I knew I would have to reclean the toilet and the floors I had just cleaned AND change her clothes that she had just put on but it was too funny to be upset about. We didn't have time to give her another bath so I told her to tell Grandma to. Tim's bright idea was to rub hand sanitizer all over her legs (which he did).
So that was Marissa's blonde moment over the weekend. She had done that one other time but she was half asleep that time. This time she was fully awake!


Scott Wheeler said...

Too funny!

MHaner said...

Very funny, I have done this as an adult I am sad to admit. The part I found funny was about the hand sanitizer rubbed on her legs. Too funny...I can picture it. Pee is stinky, but actually sterile.