Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And the next Kempf baby is.......................


We had our ultrasound today at 11:15 am. Tim picked Marissa up from school so she could go with us. Tim was very happy when we found out the baby is a boy. On the other hand, I could tell Marissa was a little disappointed (I think all little girls want a sister). Marissa said, "I wanted it to be a girl, but I guess I'll love a brother." Well, that's good because she really didn't have a choce! I am happy either way.
Well the not so good news is that after taking the babie's measurements the ultrasound tech pushed my due date back to May 5th! So I am really only 18 weeks, not 20! Now I feel liked I've gained too much weight to be only 18 weeks and Tim will have to put up with my crabiness 2 weeks longer:)
Everything went great and the baby appears healthy so thats good news! Now we just have to decide if the baby will be a Timothy jr. The Kempf name will officially carry on.


Scott Wheeler said...

Congratulations Tim and Sarah! So, do you have any names picked out yet?
That could be a future blog topic...

Gregg said...

So, let me get this straight...the crabbiness STOPS when the baby is born?

I kid, I kid. Congrats again.

Would you consider the name "Mario" for this kid?