Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who is the parent anyway?

The other night I was a little crabby. Tim was going to another hockey game and I really didn't want to be home by myself. Well I wouldn't be home by myself, Marissa would be with me. But I really didn't want to stay home and do all the dirty work myself (cleaning the kitchen, laundry, bath time, etc). So I was basically throwing a fit. Truthfully, I don't mind if Tim goes to the games. Everyone deserves time of their own. Especially him because he doesn't ask for much for himself. I was just in one of my pregnancy moods (I will post on that later).
Marissa is rarely ever crabby. She never has been. She is basically ALWAYS in a good mood. She hardly ever throws fits. She has been like this since she was little. So the other night she could tell I was in a bad mood as I stomped around the kitchen doing the dishes. "Mommy, let's play a game." I told her I had housework to do till midnight (much exaggeration) but I would play a game anyway. We got out the game SORRY to play first. She was winning by alot. It didn't really matter to me. I'm not a sore loser in my old age. But she didn't want to win. She wanted mommy to win so that I would be in a good mood. I explained to her that I was already in a much better mood just from playing the game with her and it didn't matter to me who won. I was still having fun, thanks to my five year old who was much better spirited than me.

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MHaner said...

you are lucky that she is always in a good mood and never whiny. We have the WHINE university at our house. marissa is so thoughtful.