Monday, December 8, 2008

The Santa Clause Conspiracy

I am not a Scrooge. Christmas is my favorite holiday. BUT there is one thing I don't like about Christmas: Santa Clause!
Ok, I know that makes me sound like a bad person but let me explain. Every since Marissa was born our family has wanted to take Marissa to see Santa. Especially her Grandparents. I really don't understand why. Her first Christmas she was only 7 months old. My mom was determined to take her and my nephew to see Santa. No one could believe I wasn't planning to take her myself. Seriously , do you know any kid under the age of 2 who actually likes Santa? You could tell them anyone bought those presents and they don't really care. They don't even understand. So anyway, my mom decided to take Marissa since I wouldn't. Thankfully my husband didn't really care about taking her either. He hates long lines and hates the mall during the holidays. So my mom took her and my nephew. In the pic he is screaming (he was about 14 months old) and Marissa looks terrified. Wow, great Christmas pic. Couldn't we have just put them in front of the tree and gotten a good picture?
So I decided at that point I just wasn't going to tell Marissa there was a Santa Clause. The following year she was old enough to get excited about Christmas. I explained to her that it was a birthday party for Jesus! She already heard about Jesus from going to church so this made sense to her (as much as it can for a 18 month old). So I was all set. I had dodged the whole Santa thing. But wait, who is the fat man in the red suit that everyone keeps telling my daughter about?
So I couldn't escape the whole Santa thing. This year I even attended a breakfast with Santa! I tried to get out of it but my in laws kidnapped me and made me go (it wasn't so bad).
So every year I buy expensive toys for my child and instead of signing them with my name and my husband's name I sign the name of someone who doesn't even exist and he gets all the credit. And the really amusing thing to me is that in a couple of years I get to tell her that I lied to her for no reason at all and that there really is no such thing as Santa Clause. Now does any one see my point? Or am I just crazy?
But I still make sure to tell her the real reason behind all those presents. A birthday party for our Savior: Jesus! (I should have stuck with my original plan:)
Anyway, Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season as much as I am.

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Scott Wheeler said...

And what's with St. Nick bringing candy for kids on Dec. 6th?